During talk therapy I get to learn more about you and we can create a system to help you beat your stress and banish burn out. I use a person centred approach in talk therapy.

This is where you heal your trauma. You learn to relax first using mindfulness tools and more to then explore trauma.

Burn out is so depleting. Why don't you get the skills and the tools necessary to finally banish the overwhelm and burn out now? 

This is where your long lasting transformation happens. Life coaching helps you reach your goals quicker! Did you know that all the successful people in the world have coaches and mentors? You learn to stop self-sabotage, overcome negative beliefs, get into healthier relationships, move forward in life and change your mindset. What are you waiting for? Your success is here to meet you!

Not got the time for therapy or coaching? Then try my  PRE-recorded meditations or relaxation MP3 audio's to help you reduce stress and any mental chatter or negative mindset.

Not got the time for therapy or coaching? Don't want to try my meditations or relaxation MP3 audio's but want a LIVE 1:1 meditation only class? then THIS is for you! Read on...

"She is a beacon of light. In the past I had therapy once and I was skeptical about therapy again.

A friend recommended Rachel. Mental Lighthouse gave me hope when I felt like I was drowning.

I was in such a dark place then I found light at the tunnel. Working with Rachel was the best

decision I made."

- Emma

   Face to Face & remote therapy is available.

Interested in working together?