Congratulations !!

You are taking ONE OF THE BEST decisions to transform your life. Life coaching is about moving forward in life. Breaking through barriers and hardships that seem to keep you stuck.

Life coaching is solution focused. It holds you accountable because you are responsible for your life.

There will be exercises and challenges that may be required for your growth. The theories, skills, and methods coupled together lead to your personal transformation.

How much do I charge to coach you? 

I charge £95 for 35 minutes coaching

I charge £150 for 1 hour coaching

Do I offer packages?

Yes packages can be discussed and bought.

What sort of things can life coaching help you address?

Life coaching can help you address many issues and reach goals such as career goals, relationship goals, an emotional experience, health issues, self esteem issues, self-discovery or confidence related concerns and much more.

How often are coaching sessions? 

Coaching sessions are weekly. If it is a package, coaching may be more or less frequent depending upon your request.

"I am so thankful that I found Rachel online. After reading a few blog posts, and having a free call I decided to go with Rachel for life coaching as she has been in the industry for some time. She was also very warm, kind yet encouraging. I haven't imagined a therapist to be warm and yet firm but motivational when coaching as it's two different professions. She has a great combination of skills and tools to help you take control of your life and get where you want to be. Thank you for helping me reach some goals I once thought were unattainable and showing me how to continue in more success. "

- Linda (USA)