Congratulations on taking the decision to transform your life. Life coaching is about moving forward in life. Breaking through barriers and hardships that seem to keep you stuck.

Life coaching is solution focused. It holds you accountable because you are responsible for your life.

There will be exercises and challenges that may be required for your growth. The theories, skills, and methods coupled together lead to your personal transformation.

How much do I charge per hour?

I charge £150 per hour

Do I offer packages?

Yes packages can be discussed and bought

What theories and things does my life coaching process draw upon to encourage personal life transformations:

  • Social Learning Theory

  • Coaching psychology principles

  • Humanistic Theory

  • The wheel of change approach

  • Mindset assessments

  • Growth Mindset Vs Fixed Mindset challenges

  • Wheel of life

  • Changing negative beliefs log

  • Goal mapping

  • Gerard Egan's Model

  • Evidence based coaching

  • Psychology of relationships and more.

How often are coaching sessions?

Coaching sessions are weekly. If it is a package, coaching may be more frequent.

To book a session, please use my booking calendar below: