What is therapy?


Therapy is providing a space for healing, growth and transformation for you.


I work with you to help you banish burn out, stress, incorporate self-care and feel your best self once again!


In therapy various tools, methods and skills are used such as; Person centred approach, integrative approach and more including Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as EFT). EFT involves touching points on your body such as under your eye or the top of your head to release pressure, stress or anxiety within the body. For more information click here.


How do I book an appointment?

Please click here to book now or call me on +447933 677 844 OR call 0208 133 6800

If I’m unavailable, please leave a voice mail on my secure confidential voicemail inbox and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.


How long does therapy last?

There is no set period for therapy because it is up to you and how you feel. Some clients feel 3 months is enough for them and for others it might be 6 months or longer. Coaching is the same in terms of length. Ethically, I work with how you feel and with what is seemingly appropriate.


How much do I charge?

1 Talk therapy per session is £85.00

1 Trauma therapy per session is £100.00

1 Self Care Plan & 6 x Talk therapy sessions = £680.00

I can also offer concessionary rates where necessary - please email or phone for enquiry.

Mental Lighthouse operates a no refunds policy.

Other services: Coaching and Mental Wellness sessions.

1 Mental Wellness session is £110. Lasts appx 1 hour.

1:1 x1 Meditation Class is £110.00 Lasts 45minutes - 1hour.

1 x ONE hour coaching session is £150.00. Lasts appx 1 hour.

1 x 35 Minutes coaching session is £95.00. Lasts appx 35 minutes. 


How does online/telephone/remote therapy work?

Online and telephone therapy are similar to face to face in some ways but there are a few important differences. 

Some of these differences are things like, you or I may have an unreliable or unstable internet connection. 

Another difference is that you and I don’t see each other in a telephone session which means some elements of communication are lost. This is why I offer video therapy session to increase effective communication. 

Do I offer face to face sessions? 

Yes I offer in person sessions. I do walk and talk therapy in a local park or park of our choosing OR you can meet me at my office or meeting space for therapy or coaching.

Are all services confidential?

Everything you say is kept confidential. However, there are some exceptions to this which I’ll explain in our first session.



If you’d like to book an appointment now for a specified date, please click the button below to contact me.