Is the tragedy of giving from an empty cup admirable?

When you don't get enough rest, it can negatively affect your well-being. 

Are you finding it difficult to decline further requests at work, taking on extra commitments with your family? It's important to be honest with yourself and recognize when you’re feeling anxious, lacking in confidence, or feeling overwhelmed. 

Learning to say no when necessary can help relieve some of these feelings. If you don't take care of yourself, you can start to feel burnt out and stressed. It's important to prioritize your self-care and address any concerns that may be affecting your mental health.

If you've found yourself relating and agreeing while reading along           

…..then you have come to the right place. 

I can help you...

Reduce your anxiety

Control your time

Think clearly and enhance your level of concentration

Increase your energy levels

Feel calm and connected to yourself while preventing chronic stress

Get rid of negative beliefs

Experience a better quality of life

"Rachel really listened to me and I felt heard. She helped me understand

why I was repeating the same patterns over and over again. I can't thank her enough for empowering me

to make better choices in my life."

- Anabelle

"Life Coaching is amazing. Rachel enabled me to see myself in a completely new way!

I tracked where I was and how far I'd come. Sometimes as entrepreneurs we don't take the time to do that. What I can say is because of you, Rachel, I am a better business person. If you're reading this and thinking of coaching, stop thinking and book a session."

- Nicholas

Here at The Mental Lighthouse, I 

       help YOU



            Are you feeling stressed, and burned out? 

Get help before your health suffers!

  I offer remote and in person therapy is available.